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New importend firmware for Junsi icharger 4010/308/406 Duo to 2.17

16.01.2015 16:55 | 0 Comments

Please update your iCharger 4010/308/406 Duo to the Version 2.17!

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Heli Masters 2013 Trailer

25.04.2013 15:02 | 0 Comments

The preparations are running and the crew of Christoph Dietrich does a great job! 

Here you can find a video trailer of the coming event:

Manual: WARP 360 Upgrades

08.04.2013 18:15 | 0 Comments
Dear Customers, the Upgradeset for our WARP 360 is available since a few days. In the following link you can find it: more ...

True motor kV

19.03.2013 11:20 | 0 Comments
Some people mention that the kV is not that exact on the motors. Holger Lambertus - for us the motor guy number one in the world - did the following test on our SZ4926-510kV Motor. Tested more ...