True motor kV

19.03.2013 11:20

Some people mention that the kV is not that exact on the motors. Holger Lambertus - for us the motor guy number one in the world - did the following test on our SZ4926-510kV Motor.

Tested with Unitest:
Powerjive 120: 495U/V
YGE 7,5° 492U/V
YGE 15° 503U/V
YGE 22,5° 520U/V
YGE 26° 529U/V
YGE 30° 540U/V

Motorchecker 1 480U/V
Motorchecker 2 486U/V
Hobbyking KV-Meter/Steller 520U/V

I hope this helps to understand why it can't be exact. Its a estimated number and allways connected to the ESC control behavior and the timing.